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Free Antique Toy Appraisals
America's most trusted name in pressed steel toys Buddy L Museum has been helping collectors since 1968.   Your old Buddy L toys and antique Sturditoy trucks are very important to us.
Contact us for a free confidential before selling your Buddy L trains or other
antique toy trucks Whether you have a Keystone toy dump truck or Buddy L steam shovel we promise to pay
more for your antique toys than anybody in the country including ebay, national antique dealers or annual toy shows.   Presently paying up to $3400 for any 1926
Sturditoy dump truck or
excellent plus condition.  The Buddy L Museum relies on the support of the public to discover new treasures from the past.  Please contact us with all your
Buddy L toys for sale.  Do you
have a
Buddy L Sand & Gravel truck for sale or perhaps an early Buddy L Express truck?  Email us for a free evaluation.  Helping collectors buy & sell Keystone Toys, Buddy L Toys and
Sturditoy trucks for almost half a century. We're also the world's leading experts on rare Buddy L books and Sturditoy catalogs, email us for more information www.vintagebuddyltoys.com
Antique Keystone Toys
Designed to emulate authentic cars and trucks were quickly becoming part of American mainstream and various manufactures like the Keystone Toy Company out Boston Mass as well as the
Sturditoy company started producing
pressed steel toys to compete with  the finely constructed examples of Buddy L dump trucks express trucks steam shovels and other realistic type toys
Buddy L Trains were also being promoted at the same time as the
Buddy L truck line became popular. Large old toy trucks varied in prices with ten dollars for only the most elaborate of toys
Keystone toys were less expensive than Sturditoy trucks however both companies decided to lower their prices as the economy weekend towards the later part of the decade New designs and
multiple colors were introduced  hoping to stimulate trade, however
Buddy L toys and several Keystone toys still suffered slow sales regardless of these innovative concepts.  More expensive
Keystone toys and early Sturditoy Trucks regardless of their creative paint schemes could not effectively compete with the ever growing number of big toy companies manufacturing Buddy L
type toys & trains  Sturditoy never made trains although trains were part of the
Buddy L Factory mainstay/ Interestingly Buddy L trains were extremely expensive to manufacture and almost
bankrupted the
Buddy L Toy Company as it neared the end of the 1920's.  All antique toy trucks found today with most of their original paint in tact are considered prized possession among
Buddy L collectors and serious Sturditoy toy aficionados The Buddy L Toy Museum consistently offers the most accurate appraisals for rare Buddy L books, antique Buddy L trains
and all Buddy L toys manufactured during the early twentieth century View the first
Buddy L express truck made by clicking the photo at the top of this page 1931 Sturditoy dump truck link
Antique Buddy L Dump Truck Link
Vintage Sturditoy Truck Photos
Antique Buddy L Trains Info
During the 1920's Buddy L's most popular toy was the Buddy L dump truck Several variations were manufactured however the most widely embraced model was the simple black chain dump
truck.   Another mass produced toy of it's time was the red
Buddy L Steam Shovel with operating crane shovel.   Perhaps the Buddy L factory's most ambitious project was their large intricate
Buddy L Sand & Gravel truck costing twice as much as a standard
Buddy L dump truck or Buddy L steam shovel.   The Sturditoy company also produced some very popular toys such as the
Buddy L and
Sturditoy collectors alike enjoy adding to their collection If you're a new collector it's important to you understand the importance of condition Several Buddy L books explain the
grading curve and can help you avoid making a costly mistake.
Buddy L Museum presently paying up to three thousand dollars for any Buddy L express truck or dump truck grading near mint
Do you have a Steelcraft toy dump truck you're thinking of selling?  Buddy L Museum is the world's largest buyer of toy dump trucks, sand & gravel trucks and fire trucks manufactured prior
to 1938. Always buying prewar Buddy L trains and airplanes in good or better condition. E-mail pictures of all your
antique toy trucks for sale including Keystone toy trucks, Buddy L trucks
and last buy not least
Sturditoy trucks.  We'll pay up to four thousand dollars for any Sturditoy or Buddy L dump truck in factory mint condition with original hang tags still present. If you're
looking for an insurance appraisal contact us for more details.  Rare Sturditoy water tower truck can be viewed by clicking www.sturditoy.com/11.html.  Please forward all questions regarding
purchases to our e-mail address or web user form located on this page.   To learn which factors determine the value of most old
Buddy L Cars please visit the Buddy L book link located in our
museum archives page. We'll always pay more for Buddy L trucks and toys than anybody in the United States and Europe Always looking forward to hearing  from all our friends and patrons
Prewar Vintage Toy Trucks
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