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1925 Kingsbury
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Rare Buddy L Truck Values
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Buddy "L" Museum paying immediate cash for your antique pressed steel toys including Buddy L,
Keystone Sturditoy, Kingsbury and more.
Buddy L Museum "the most trusted name in antique
Buddy L toys. Email us for a free appraisal of your early pressed steel toys and Buddy L trains.
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Buddy L Price Guide ~ Pressed Steel Toys Wanted List ~
Buddy L Car History
All Buddy L, Kingsbury Sturditoy and Keystone toys depicted are non-restored original examples
acquired through the generosity of fellow collectors We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to
the enrichment of antique
pressed steel toys Your vintage Buddy L Cars and Trucks are important
to us, contact us with your
antique toys for sale. Offering free antique toy appraisals ~ Japanese
tin robots ~ Buddy L Toys and trucks Buying antique toys any condition Toy Appraisers available
If you believe you own a rare Buddy L Bus and would like a free appraisal send two photographs
along with pictures of all other
pressed steel toys you'd like evaluated.  Your antique Buddy L Trucks
and old toy trains could be worth several thousand dollars. Buddy "L" Museum helping collectors buy
and sell toys since 1968 Free Toy Appraisals Buying Toy Collections Buying Old Toys any condition
Buddy L Flivver car and truck auctions reflect a variety of conditions. For a complete evaluation and
current market prices email the
Buddy L Museum and include 1 photograph of each toy car, truck or
train submitted Your vintage
Buddy L Bus, car or Buddy L dump truck could be more valuable than
you realize. Buddy L Flivver wanted any condition. Free Buddy L Flivver Price Guide  Contact us
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